Manga Contest World Manga senbatsu - Manga Kingdom Tosa × Niconico Manga × Comic Walker

Manga Contest World Manga senbatsu - Manga Kingdom Tosa × Niconico Manga × Comic Walker


A collaboration between "Manga Kingdom Tosa"
- who has held the "Manga Koshien" for 27 years and counting -,
Niconico Manga and ComicWalker!
~A new manga contest~
The World Manga Senbatsu
  • Your work should be a 1 page manga (submitted individually)
  • Accepting works from all over the world
  • Anyone can participate (Only high school students for the high school category)
  • The judging panel are all professional manga artists
  • The final judging will be held at the 5th National Mangaka Daikaigi, an event opened to the public, in Manga Kingdom Tosa on the 2nd of March.


Collaboration with Keroro Gunsō (Sgt. Frog)

World Manga Senbatsu is holding a collaboration with Keroro Gunsō (Sgt. Frog) for which 2018 marks the 20th anniversary since its creation!

To start things off, we will be publicly displaying the illustration manga artist Yoshizaki Mine specially drew for this occasion. The serialization of Keroro Gunsō's four-panel manga made for this collaboration will also start.

Keroro and his platoon will try and invade Earth with manga by joining the World Manga Senbatsu. Will they succeed in getting the first prize?

Check out the four-panel manga that will be released every month until March where the finals take place! Let's participate in the contest together with Keroro!


High School Student CategoryOpen Category
RequirementsThe applicant must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Contestants must be 15 years or above and under 19 years as of April 2, 2018
  • Contestants must be students enrolled in an educational institution (in any country)
Participation is open to anyone (including high school students)
ThemePlease create a manga based on the theme below
Please create a manga based on the theme below
Prize Details
  • Grand Prize (x1)
    Certificate, Prize Money of JPY100,000, Invitation ticket to the 28th National High School Manga Koshien Championships for two, CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (cosponsored by Celsys).
  • Prizes for Excellence (up to 2)
    Certificate, Prize Money of JPY50,000, Clip Studio Paint Pro (sponsored by Celsys).
  • Honorable Mentions (no. of recipients not decided)
    Certificate, Product(s) from Kochi Prefecture worth JPY3,000.
  • Grand Prize (x1)
    Certificate, Product(s) from Kochi Prefecture worth JPY30,000, CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (sponsored by Celsys), ANA plane ticket (sponsored by ANA).
Regarding the ANA plane ticket
  • The trip needs to include the dates August 3rd and 4th, 2019.
  • The return trip is limited to arrival to and departure from Kochi Prefecture only.
  • A return trip ANA ticket of the shortest route from the requested place of departure to Kochi will be arranged.
  • For the reservation of plane tickets, requests should be made at least three weeks prior to the departure date.
  • In the case of a full flight, you may be asked to change the dates of your trip.
  • The plane tickets cannot be transferred to another party nor be exchanged for money.
  • The plane tickets do not include accommodation. Lodging should be self-arranged.


How to apply
Please be aware that entries that fail to satisfy the below requirements cannot be accepted.
  • Create a B4 size (257mm x 364mm) 1 page manga (no restrictions on panel layout) based on the given theme.Recommended image resolution of 350dpi in color and 600dpi in monochrome.
  • When applying please email your entry as an attachment to the below email address, stating your "pen name", "entry name", "explanation of design (up to 1000 characters)","country" and "municipality". File output should be within 10MB and be formatted as RGB color and either a JPEG, PNG or GIF (without animation). Entries should be resized to a width of 1000 pixels. When sending your design directly as an attachment by email, please be aware that we can only accept attachments that do not exceed 4MB. If your design exceeds 4MB, please send it using a separate transmission service. If entries are sent via a separate transmission service, please include a downloadable URL and password in your email.
  • Hand-drawn designs are accepted if scanned and made into data form.
  • Entries are limited to one per category per person.
  • Designs can be in any language, however the organizers will not carry out their translation..
Application PeriodAugust 5, 2018 (Sunday) to November 30, 2018 (Friday) by 23:59 (JST)
Additional Information
  • Contestants who pass the preliminary round will be contacted via the email address they registered on their account to confirm their eligibility. They will be asked to provide personal information including; name, address, name or school of place of employment and age. If personal information is not provided, those entries will be disqualified. Entries progress on a votes based system, and once eligibility has been confirmed, the entries advancing to the final round will be finalized.
  • If an applicant’s work is recognised as infringing on the copyright or image rights of a third party, they will be disqualified, even after prizes have been decided.
  • If a third party makes claims about an applicant’s entry in regards to plagiarism, illegal copies, copyright or image rights, the contestant must bear the full responsibility.
  • Entry copyright belongs to the applicant. However, applicants must consent to the organizers use of their entry free of charge in the following situations; for the purpose of "inclusion in publications and information released by the organizers (including publications from businesses commissioned by the organizers)", "as exhibits in exhibitions held by the organizers", "publicly displayed on the Internet and other electronic media" and "in exhibitions approved of by the organizers". In addition they must consent to the use of their entry free of charge by the company Trista Co.., Ltd., for the purpose of "Niconico Manga Promotion".
  • Applicants must consent beforehand to the addition of necessary minimal alterations or changes to their entry by the organizers and/or Trista Co.., Ltd., and to not use copyright charges against the organizers and/or Trista Co.., Ltd. The organizers and Trista Co.., Ltd., will only use personal information to the extent necessary for the purposes of; confirming participatory qualifications, sending prizes etc., and making other means of contact. For the treatment of other personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of Trista Co.., Ltd.
    Trista Co.., Ltd. Privacy Policy:
  • The organizers do not take any responsibility for any damages or losses that an applicant may encounter as a result of an applicant's misconduct.
  • The media will be reporting and taking photos of the entries at the final round. Their coverage may be broadcast on television, distributed via the internet, uploaded to websites and used in information about the contest.
  • If the organizers decide that a work is contrary to public policy, measures may be taken including refusing the work or making the work unavailable for public viewing.


Judges for the Preliminary Round

Judges for the Final Round