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Result of the Final Round

Regarding the Final Round

Manga is usually something that is drawn with a variety of quirks and personalities, so it is not something you can use to compete with. However, by establishing a theme, a contest can be held. All the artworks were well drawn, but I feel that the contestants who were not able to get an award this time around were too focused on the drawing. Manga is formed by creating a good balance between the art and the story. Keep this in mind, and I’m sure that you will see improvements in your future works. The culture of manga has spread across the world, and with digital entry contests like the World Manga Senbatsu, anyone from around the world can participate. Thus, I hope that more people will draw manga and participate in such contests.

Judge of the Final Round Goro Yamada

High School Student Category


Grand Prize

Certificate, Prize Money of JPY100,000, Invitation ticket to the 28th National High School Manga Koshien Championships for two, CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (cosponsored by Celsys).
山田さん (Kochi City , Japan)
Judges' Comment
The surrealism stands out, making it a fascinating piece.(Yasuhiro Nightow)

Prizes for Excellence

Certificate, Prize Money of JPY50,000, Clip Studio Paint Pro (sponsored by Celsys).
Prince Frog
Lee ji yeongさん (Korea)
Judges' Comment
The expression of the frogs are really great. I feel that this is a story with a plot that can be expanded on.(Kosuke Fujishima)
Yun Yi-naさん (Korea)
Judges' Comment
By the level of this artwork, one wouldn't have guessed that she is a high school student.(Tetsuo Aoki)

Open Category


Grand Prize

Certificate, Product(s) from Kochi Prefecture worth JPY30,000, CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (sponsored by Celsys), ANA plane ticket (sponsored by ANA).
クメヒロオさん (Kochi City , Japan)
Judges' Comment
The sense of humor in making even E. coli into characters is great, and the satire present is very effective as a manga.(Himekawa Akira)